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Sarasota & Manatee Buyers: Get a BIG rebate check at closing!
Sarasota Real Estate Buyers:

Sarasota area Real estate has gotten very expensive the past few years, but right now it is a full-fledged buyer's market. Unfortunately, many sellers and most agents have set their prices so high, it is more of a stalemate between buyers and sellers. However, there are GREAT DEALS out there - it just takes time to find them! It is getting to be the perfect time to find the that perfect home at the perfect price.

One other thing is many agents are being pressured by sellers and their brokers to get listings sold - at the expense of buyers, so they are steering them toward properties that may not be as good a fit - THAT is a big reason to consider using an experienced buyer's agent who understand this market and who is looking out for YOU and who doesn't charge you a dime (and we never have).

By only working with buyers, we can search EVERY broker's listings and pull the best homes at the best prices so you can make the right decision for you. We can mail, fax or email listings then whenever you're ready, we can visit the homes. If you're out of town, we can preview them and take photos for you and send those as well.

ALL our money comes from seller-paid commissions - we never charge any transaction fees and buyers don't pay a dime - and never did.

If you use our services to buy ANY property listed by ANY Realtor or broker in Sarasota or Manatee Counties, we’ll offer you a rebate of 1% of the purchase price at closing. This can amount to a nice savings on your purchase.

We ONLY work with buyers in our Sarasota
Office - and we want to work with YOU!

You’ll get full service & representation.

It's completely legal and ethical - it just offers consumers a better price. Sarasota area Real estate prices have gone through the roof - so we're still making GOOD money offering you this substantial rebate.

We can also offer this because we run a mobile, computerized, lean
operation and are willing to WORK for our money.

No “fine print” or hidden charges!

Call TOLL FREE: 1-877-465-9455


Our Sarasota office also provides "One Stop Shopping" because
there are mortgage professionals and a title company in the office.

We are members of the Sarasota County Association Of Realtors.

We ONLY have an experienced, full time Relocation and Buyer's Specialists working in our Sarasota office.

Here are a few key points to the process:

Call or email with any home you’re interested in, or let us search
for you. Just provide any preferences (size, area, general price range, etc.).
We’ll find a good variety of suitable properties.

We then can meet or email or fax you the information and
you decide if you’d like to see any of the listings.

We’ll set up showing appointments and we’ll drive you to see the properties.

If you want to put in an offer, we’ll write it up and submit it to the selling agent.

If accepted, we’ll schedule inspections, and if everything is fine with the
inspections, we then go to closing and you get your check!

Of course, we’ll help negotiate the BEST price too!

What's the catch? THERE IS NONE!

Like most places in Florida, Sarasota and Manatee County prices have really gone up
the past few years, but if you're careful, you can make sure you are getting the
most bang for your buck!

The thing to do is to look carefully. Any of our fabulous agents can email MLS information on ANY home or property for sale in the county
and let you look at everything from the comfort of your home before you get serious
about buying - then you can come look at properties that CLOSELY match your
needs and wishes.

We've helped many, many buyers from all over Florida, and dozens of other states and several countries as well - and we make it easy.

If you want to see about purchasing real estate for your IRA, or 1031 exchanges CLICK HERE

Email for more real estate information.

If you'd rather talk one of us for any reason, feel free to call toll free: 877-465-9455.

Our agents have sold several hundred properties without a single complaint - that's because we work hard and are ethical! Feel free to check with the State Of Florida Real Estate Commission to check on ANY agent (including us!).

State of Florida Real Estate Commission

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