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Estero Area Buyers: Get a nice rebate check at closing!
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**** Se habla Espanol - Cliquee Aqui **** Why Buy Real Estate NOW? ****

WHO WE ARE: When we opened our first office, several years ago, we really hit the road running. We led all offices in the county in sales and listings on a per-agent basis our first year and each year since. Now, with our third office in Estero, we are just as committed to great service, only employing the most ethical, experienced agents and doing a great job for EVERY client. We certainly aren’t the biggest (we never tried to be), but we work to be the best!

WHAT A GREAT AREA: Estero, Florida & Bonita Springs are great places to live. At All About Realty, we only sell homes & land in areas we LOVE, and that's just another reason why we're doing so well in this slower market. Estero reminds us a LOT of Naples - only not as expensive. It's actually considered "New Fort Myers" or "South Fort Myers" by a lot of people because it is directly south of Ft Myers. Some people also describe it as "Naples North" - being just north of Naples!

ATTENTION BUYERS: We only hire VERY experienced agents and work hard to find (and negotiate for) the best homes at the best prices for our clients - no matter who has the listing. Several of the agents working out of the Estero/Bonita office are exclusive buyer's agents as well. We do, however, have a dedicated agent taking listings - he will only be working with sellers who price their homes right. Too many people - "investors" in particular - made very poor buying decisions the past few years and want others to make the same decision now and that just isn't right. Our sellers - in ALL our offices - are priced for the current market and serious about selling a great home at a great price.

If the Naples to Ft Myers area is just too much $ (or too crowded) for you, have you ever looked into Lake Placid/Sebring? They are BEAUTIFUL communities! CLICK HERE for more information.

ATTENTION SELLERS: So why are we concentrating on buyers? Well, it actually helps our sellers as well. It's pretty easy to get listings these days (especially for us), but we want GOOD listings. We know that if we are selective and have a smaller inventory of the best homes, our sellers and buyers benefit. Also, there will only be one agent with listings while several will be working exclusively with buyers, so you'll have quite a few VERY EXPERIENCED agents on your team. That would sound pretty good to me if I were a seller in THIS market!

THE CURRENT MARKET: It's a full-fledged buyer's market and some sellers are finally "seeing the light" and have made the significant reductions they need. However, there are still many sellers who refuse to see the truth, so working with a good, knowledgeable agent is very important to get the most home for the money. It's still not uncommon to see VERY comparable homes with 30, 60 and even 90 thousand dollar price differences. Agents are also being pressured by their brokers and sellers to push their own listings (often at the expense of buyers). That's why it's wise to work with someone looking out for YOU.

FIND THE BEST HOMES: We search any and all broker listings and pull the best Estero area real estate and homes for sale at the best prices so you can make the best decisions. We can mail, fax or email listings that fit your preferences, then whenever you're ready, we can visit the homes. If you're out of town, we can preview homes and email or mail photos/video to you.

Call TOLL FREE For Estero Florida real estate information: 1-877-465-9455 or, 863-441-2986 (main office number). Use the same numbers for Bonita Springs real estate.

Email for more Bonita & Estero real estate information.


We've helped many, many buyers from all over Florida, and dozens of other states and several countries as well - and we make it as easy as possible.

All our agents are licensed Realtors and a multi-million dollar producers with a LOT of experience selling nice homes, waterfront properties, vacant land and commercial properties.

If you'd rather talk to someone in person right away, feel free to phone: 863-441-2986 or call toll free at: 877-465-9455 or, local: 239-498-9257.

Interested in BIG bargains and foreclosures? CLICK HERE!

We've sold hundreds of properties and we have not had a single complaint - that's because we work hard and are ethical! Feel free to check with the State Of Florida Real Estate Commission to check on ANY agent (including us!).

State of Florida Real Estate Commission

We're hoping you find our Estero, Florida homes for sale pages helpful - please let us know if you have any suggestions to help us improve!

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