At first glance, Kingfish Wharf on Johns Pass looks like a ramshackle fishing village--but that's just what the architects intended. The wharf is a collection of restaurants, nightclubs and a variety of retail stores which are sure to please even the most discriminating shopper.

What we like about the shopping at John's pass is the wide variety. The typical tourist goodies such as T-shirts, beach towels and sea shells are plentiful, but there are also many unique arts and crafts and jewelry--and even some original works of art. Of course, the more unique and rare, the more you pay!

Dining at the wharf is also a pleasurable experience. The well-known Kingfish Restaurant and Lounge serves up some of the best seafood in the area, and Gator's Cafe and Saloon sports the worlds longest waterfront bar. Live music and a fabulous view from the Gator observation deck keeps everyone entertained until the meals arrive.

Deep sea fishing charters (of all types and price ranges), small boat rentals and para-sailing are available at the wharf. And for those who like a little Vegas style entertainment, the popular Empress cruise line has a ship docked at Kingfish Wharf.

Another good thing about Kingfish Wharf is its proximity to other good things to see and do. Located on Treasure Island, the wharf is close to video arcades, putt-putt golf and some of the most fabulous beaches in the world, and Florida residents should take advantage of this bounty once in a while!

Kingfish Wharf basically offers visitors a wide variety of exciting activities. And though all the activities are really fun, some get quite expensive. But you don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy a full day at the wharf. If you are working on a tight budget and just want to "hang-out" and see the sights, you can also get away with a pretty inexpensive day of fun. Bring your own food (and find a nice area to relax and eat), check out the shops, sight-see and then hit the beach--just about all you need is gas money!

  • Kingfish Wharf and John's Pass is located at the northern tip of Treasure Island in St. Petersburg.

  • There are also casino ships that dock at the passCLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION